Partnering with market leaders for climate action

We engage in partnerships with leading companies and organisations worldwide to develop new approaches for climate action.

Exchanging knowledge and growing together

Bord na Móna is driven by a singular purpose: to help Ireland reach net zero by 2050. We seek out partnerships with global leaders in climate action, sharing our expertise in renewable energy and resource recovery, and working together to develop new, large-scale solutions.

The world's governments have set ambitious climate goals; our partnerships can help meet them.

40 %
EU governments have agreed to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
250 MW
Per year
Ireland's government has set ambitious targets for our onshore wind farm build rate.

Imagining new possibilities.

We’re investing in renewable energy infrastructure, including biogas, biomass, and onshore wind. These developments are transforming the way we generate and consume energy.
With over 55,000 hectares of certified organic land, we have the capacity to grow and supply biochemically superior plants and herbs for the medicinal, cosmeceutical, and food markets.
Climate action
We offer additional, bespoke services to select partners, providing guidance and solutions for sustainability and carbon strategies.

We partner with local communities to enhance quality of life and sustain employment.