The Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park


Bord na Móna’s Eco Energy Park offering is transforming approximately 3,000ha across Bord na Móna’s landbank in the coming years, and will be designed to enhance Ireland’s security of energy supply, supporting the delivery of several of the State’s climate, renewable energy and enterprise objectives.  Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park will be the location of 200 MW+ of low to zero carbon electricity generation from sources which may include wind, solar and gas, and will house energy storage facilities which may include battery and hydrogen.  

This Eco Energy Park is the first of its kind in Ireland and will allow Bord na Móna to support large-scale industrial growth and development in Ireland, enhancing the national grid. Each Park will generate sufficient renewable energy to power a number of sectors that play an important role in Ireland’s social and economic development, such as, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Agrifood, ICT, Transport, Green Hydrogen derived E-Fuels and Logistics. Bord na Móna’s Eco Energy Park will not only help these industries to pursue low-carbon growth of their operations but will also significantly contribute to and support associated enterprise, community initiatives, local amenities, and the local natural environment. 

With direct access to Ireland’s main motorway, electricity grid, natural gas, and high-speed fibre networks, Bord na Móna’s Eco Energy Park will co-locate a range of low to zero carbon energy generation assets with industrial-scale high demand energy users, reducing costs and emissions while bolstering the State’s overall energy resilience and security.

The Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park will host a number of renewable energy generation and storage technologies

3,000+ ha
of peatland:
allows co-location of renewable energy assets and users.
200 MW+
of low to zero carbon electricity generation:
sources may include wind, solar and gas

Bringing a range of economic and other benefits at local, regional and national levels

Local Level
  • Direct employment created through temporary construction jobs as well as long-term jobs in operations and maintenance
  • Indirect employment created through the sub-supply of a wide range of products and services by local communities
  • Substantial rates paid to the relevant Local Authority
  • Upgrading of essential road infrastructure in the vicinity as required
Regional Level
  • Improved supply of renewable energy to match growing regional demand
  • Support for renewed economic growth and energy-consuming activity in the Midlands region
  • Creation of regional employment through the supply of services and materials to the Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park
National level
  • Supporting the delivery of the Climate Action Plan and Government Enterprise policy, which targets 80% renewable electricity by 2030 and a 35% reduction in emissions from business and enterprise by 2030.
  • Aligning with the Government’s Principles for Sustainable Data Centre Development, which states a preference for data centre developments in locations where there is the potential to co-locate a renewable generation facility, or advanced storage with the data centre, supported by a Power Purchase Agreement, private wire, or other arrangement
  • Supporting a growing economy and population
  • Significant contribution to the public purse through payment of taxes from the project, and dividends from Bord na Móna to the State
  • Improved integration of renewable energy assets with the National Grid
  • Reduced cost of renewable energy generation
  • Reduced reliance on national grid infrastructure and increased local grid resilience
  • Supporting the CRU National Energy Strategy, to secure 25-30% of flexible demand by 2030
  • Developing green hydrogen sources to support the National Hydrogen Strategy

As part of the on-going studies for the Eco Energy Park, Bord na Móna will also be exploring the opportunity to include amenity facilities.