Rethinking waste management for Ireland

We’re helping Ireland become more waste conscious by developing innovative waste management solutions for a cleaner future.

Waste innovation helps climate action

We work at every stage of the waste management chain—from collection and treatment to disposal and recycling—to help Ireland lower its carbon footprint and support national waste policy.

We collect

Bord na Móna Recycling is our waste management business, collecting 450,000+ tonnes of waste from 135,500+ customers every year. Bord na Móna is currently making waste collection greener through the electrification of its trucks.

We sort

Waste is processed, segregated and treated using high-resolution cameras, 3D sensors, near-infrared optics and other technologies. Materials suitable for recovery and recycling are removed to minimise what goes to landfill.

We innovate

What can’t be recycled or repurposed is disposed of responsibly. Methane gas from landfill is captured and converted into enough electricity to power 8,500 homes every year.


Our waste solutions move us closer to a climate neutral Ireland.