Working with nature to protect our nation’s bogs

We restore and rehabilitate Ireland’s bogs to help our nation meet climate and biodiversity goals.

Our raised bogs are central to climate action, storing 100+ million tonnes of carbon.

Bog Restoration and Rehabilitation

Boglands are unlocking new potential for carbon storage, conservation and renewable energy.

The greater the variety of lifeforms that we conserve, the more secure all life on Earth will be.

We protect biodiversity so that nature can protect us.

Biodiversity is a measure of the variety of lifeforms in an ecosystem; the greater the variety, the more likely all living things—including humans—will thrive. The bogs in our care are home to over 900 species of plants and animals.

More about biodiversity

We’re building walking trails, parks, cycleways and more for communities across Ireland.

Tackling the climate crisis