Transforming waste into economic opportunities

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Guiding Ireland to a circular economy

Economies are changing how they produce and consume goods. In a ‘linear economy’, goods are made, used, and disposed of, which creates waste that pollutes the environment. We’re helping Ireland move to a ‘circular economy’, where goods are made, used, reused and remade. This reduces landfill and recycles waste into a resource that can be used for something new.

AES Waste Management

Advanced Environmental Solutions (AES) offer waste collection and management services as part of our resource recovery business. We offer both home and commercial waste collection, as well as skip hire.

Lough Boora

Lough Boora Discovery Park is a unique landscape in the centre of Ireland. This rehabilitated bog is a haven for wildlife and locals alike. With beautiful sites and activities for all the family, you’ll soon love the parklands as much as we do.

Bord na Móna Living History

Learn more about the history of Bord na Móna, and how we grew with the development of the Irish State. Find out what life was like working on the bogs back in the 30s and 40s, and how things are constantly changing in Bord na Móna – even today.

Bord na Móna horticulture

We’ve got the best gardening product advice, as well as gardening tips from our experts and helpful recipes for the fruits of your labour. You can also find out more about our peat substrates for export, and the growing media we supply to nurseries around the country.